Not just a scarf…

Jack Russell Dog

It’s the dogs!

We hope you like our Jack Russell who also likes to wear the Bootneck 350 Tartan Scarf with pride!

We chose her especially as there is a particular piece of Royal Marines history attached to this lovely breed of dog.

We have given this lovely Jack Russell the surname ‘Plumbe’.  In memory of Major JH Plumbe of the Royal Marines who during the Boer War was killed at Graspan. Where Major Plumbe’s un-named Jack Russell (un-named as far as we could find in old reports), was found guarding the dead body of his master on the embattled hillside until he was found by his men over 6 hours later. Below is an image of a memorial in Devonport to the Royal Marines and Navy causalities from HMS ‘Doris’ during the Boer War.  It is said that the conduct of the small Naval Brigade in storming the Boer hilltop position at Graspan attracted considerable attention by the British Press.

And also the public imagination was particularly taken by his faithful to the end’ Jack Russell Terrier.

If you happen to know the name of Major Plumbe’s Jack Russell please tell us, we would love to know!

But for now this lovely Jack Russel will be known as Peanut Plumbe (as Peanut is her actual name), and we thought Peanut would actually like this credit, given her aspirations as a super model!

Updated: 16th December 2014:-

Since we posted the above information, we are delighted to say that we now know the actual name of Major Plumbe’s fearlessly loyal Jack Russell who never left his side when he was killed.  And this is all thanks to Steve Lunderstedt, a military historian from Kimberley, South Africa.

The name of Major JH Plumbe’s dog was ‘officially’… “Duke of Wellington” but he was actually known to all and sundry as “Spot”!

How marvelous!  Thank you very much Steve for getting in touch with us.

Devonport Royal Marines Memorial