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“Have just taken delivery of my Bootneck 350 Tartan Kilt and Per Mare Per Terram Sporran.
Quality fantastic, as is the fit!”
Gerry Bolland, Former RM.


“Be pleased to know our scarves arrived safely this morning, thank you for such an excellent and swift service.
My wife and I love them, we will wear them with pride!
Should anyone ask what the Tartan is I will reply…”

“My Family Tartan of course, The Royal Marines”
Dave Haddon, Former RM.


“I have just taken receipt of 2 of the Bootneck scarves and I wanted to thank you for the packaging and the presentation, it was absolutely spot on.
Attention to detail, the RM prayer, the Falkland’s Yomper photo and the bag was all first class.
Superb….thank you so much.
Unfortunately you have now set my expectations of other online order companies and I know they are going to fall well short of the mark”.

The standard you have set is excellent……and one that exactly mirrors the ethos behind the Royal Marine Commando Beret….. BZ to all in involved.”
Cpl Colin Morris.