Here at the Green Berets, it is quite simply all about ‘necks’ for our lovely ‘Bootnecks’ this year! And we wanted to show our support in celebrating the 350 years that our beloved Royal Marines having been putting their own ‘necks’ on the line for Kings and Queens and Country. That is why we decided to create such a special scarf to ‘embrace them’ in return! And for every scarf we sell we make a donation to the Royal Marines Association (RMA) to help with the extraordinary work they do.

Our Bootneck 350 Tartan scarves have been specially woven in the best Tartan Mills in Scotland and are made of pure 100% brushed Lambswool. It was important to us to have the Bootneck 350 Tartan Scarf produced on our home shores as we know how proud and loyal our Royal Marines are about their country.

We know Royal Marines are all about quality, and are a well-dressed bunch! Which make us very happy when we look at our finished design and the quality of our unique Bootneck 350 Tartan Scarves, created with you in mind. We hope you love the scarves we have made and feel that they will compliment any coat, jacket or jumper. We hope you love wearing your scarf and that you wear it with pride, as it is so much more than just a chequered scarf. It is an authentic Bootneck 350 Tartan inspired by the courageous Royal Marine history.

We Brits are a nation of scarf wearers, being a combination of two main factors. The fact that we live in a cooler climate for around 2/3rds of our year and also that Britain is known as a leader of fashion, which does include scarves. The male fashion market has just grown and grown over the years, menswear in general is massive and is becoming more important than ever. Men are not far behind women now in their average annual spend on clothing, shoes and accessories. Style and grooming is very important to the modern British male and we think you all look great for it!

A Man’s Guide to the Scarf:

For the how’s and whys and 6 ways to tie! Please click here.

Britain is cool… literally!

Do you know since the 1980 we have lived most of our winter seasons as an average, below 4 degrees, our spring seasons below 8 degrees and our autumn seasons below 9.5 degrees? No wonder we Brits like to wrap up!

Please click here to see some weather statistics provided by the MET office for the last 100 years (1910 – 2010).

The Bootneck 350 Tartan is preserved forever as a piece of historical weave. Held safely within the Scottish Register of Tartans, established by an Act of The Scottish Parliament in 2008, to protect and preserve your Bootneck 350 Tartan for hundreds of years to come!