Bootneck 350 Tartan

Officially recognised by The Royal Marines, the original Bootneck 350 Tartan was created to commemorate the 350 years of the Royal Marines back in 2014 and has continued to march on as exclusive clothing and accessories for those who are proud to wear the ‘Corps Clan Colours’. It is officially registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans, where it will be protected and preserved for eternity as a historical piece of weave. To be enjoyed by many in our time and passed down to RMs and their families, friends and supporters of the future.

This original and exclusive Bootneck ‘350’ Tartan has been designed and created to commemorate the 350 years of the Royal Marines. Made up of the four historical corps colours, blue, red, green and yellow.

Blue represents the intimate connection of the Corps with the Royal Navy, and the colour of the facings on the uniform for over 100 years.

Red represents ‘Drummer Red’, the old historic colour of the British Army, worn by the infantry of the Corps from early times down to the introduction of scarlet in 1876.

Green represents ‘Light Infantry Green’ as was worn on the shako by the infantry of the Corps for some years and is perpetuated in the bugle strings of the RMLI.

Yellow represents ‘Old gold’, closely associated with the early history of the Corps, as it was the distinctive colour of the dress and ensigns of the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot from which the Corps originates.

When we designed the Bootneck 350 Tartan we thought it was very important to also add a mark of respect for all fallen Corps family and friends, so we decided it was only right to introduce the colour ‘black’ for that very reason.

We registered our original Bootneck 350 Tartan with the official Register of Scottish Tartans as Bootneck 350 because the term ‘Bootneck’ which derived its origins from the leather ‘stock’ worn round the neck inside the collar by soldiers. Which came to pass when sailors goaded Marines by saying “Take my sea boots off your neck”, implying that a piece had been cut from his boots to serve as a stock. The expression is now used widely to mean a Royal Marine.

The Scottish Register of Tartans was established by an Act of the Scottish Parliament in 2008, to protect, promote and preserve Tartan for eternity. And we are very proud to say that the Bootneck 350 Tartan is now an officially registered piece of Tartan Design history. That will be enjoyed by many in our time and in hundreds of years to come people will be able to find out how and why it was created, thanks to the brave an honourable Royal Marines who have served from 1664 to 2014. is the home of Bootneck 350 Tartan, you cannot purchase Bootneck 350 Tartan anywhere on the high street. Bootneck 350 Tartan is 100% original and is the only Tartan in the world to be designed, created and registered especially to commemorate the Royal Marines 350th Anniversary.